How to wash clothes

Wash your clothes responsibly

Clean, fresh and smelling fragrant – this is how our clothes should be immediately after washing. Unfortunately, it often happens that in order to ensure perfect cleanness of our garments, we use excessive amount of detergents. Therefore, instead of achieving better results we pay significant part in polluting the environment, damaging clothes rapidly, as well as increased number of washing machine failures. Maybe it is worth to reduce the amount of detergents we use?

The more the better? Not necessarily

The old proverb that the more the better, definitely does not work with regards to dosing of washing powders. Let us remember that traditional washing powders are nothing else but surfactants, which are not neutral for our health and the environment. Therefore, when using washing detergents we should do it in carefully and always follow manufacturer’s instructions. But do we know how much detergent we should use for a given amount and type of clothes? Scientists suggest that we do not. Aggressive advertising often creates a false sense that the more washing powder we add, the better results we achieve. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Enough is enough

The environment has a limited capacity of absorbing chemicals, and yet after every wash, components of washing powders are drained with water into the sewerage system. Harmful impact of chemicals contained in washing powders on surface water was already observed in the last century. It is manifested by foaming and eutrophication, which is the process of accumulation in the environment of the organic matter contained in waste water at a rate exceeding the capabilities of its assimilation. Therefore, if we want to take care of nature, we should not exceed the amount of detergents required for washing. Protecting the environment is not the only reason for using reasonable amount of washing powder. Too much detergent can cause damage to fabrics due to degradation of their fibres. In addition, clothes become stiff and can get damaged quickly. As a result, instead of expected effects, such as perfect outfits, our clothes will look worse.

Wash your clothes responsibly, which means safely for health

Using too much washing powder may also adversely affect our health. Allergologists are increasingly emphasising that one of the causes of allergies may be direct contact with substances contained in washing powders. So if we live with a person suffering from allergies, first of all we should be more careful when dosing laundry detergents. Moreover, it is recommended to set an additional rinse cycle that will help get rid of the excess of detergents. We should also take care of the proper storage of washing powders: open packaging and adding detergents to washing machine dispensers can result in dusting and irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

Moderation in all things

This famous quote of Pythagoras works perfectly when it comes to dispensing washing powders. According to the study carried by the New York Times, most people deny using excessive amounts of detergents. If you think that it does not apply to you, ask yourself whether you changed the way you use washing powder after replacing your washing machine with a new one. You have to remember that modern washing machines have systems of weighting loads through which they adjust water and energy consumption to the size of each load. Therefore, less water should mean less washing powder. But many of us still use the same amounts that used in older generation devices. If you happened to see white residue on dark clothes at least once, it is a sign that there was definitely too much washing powder used.

Washing fit for the 21st century at our doorstep

Washing powder manufacturers always provide dosing instructions on packaging. The amount of detergent used should be dependent on how dirty clothes are, washing temperature and water hardness. This should always be observed and proper amount of detergent used for each washing. However, traditional washing powders that need to be properly dosed may soon disappear from the market. People who value convenient solutions of the twenty-first century will probably departure from the super-concentrated powders soon in favour of super-concentrates in the form of laundry hybrids. Hybrids have a form of special soluble capsules and have only active substances in their formulas in quantities necessary to effectively restore the cleanness of our garments. All we have to do is to insert the capsule into the washing machine and not to worry about the correct dose of washing powder, stain remover, bleaching agent, anti-scale agent or fabric softener. Currently, such products are not yet available in Poland, but it seems that it will be only a matter of time when they are brought to our market. At the moment, we recommend using traditional washing powders wisely. At least until new and more efficient solutions appear on the market.

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